Looking For Stability

Isaiah 33:6 “And He will be the security and stability of your times, a treasure of salvation, wisdom and knowledge;The fear of the Lord is your treasure.”

I have always enjoyed the roller coaster rides at amusement parks. As a child one of my favorite summertime traditions was to go to Crystal Beach Amusement Park. I remember eagerly hoping that this year would be the year I would be tall enough to ride the Comet. It was the biggest roller coaster there. You can see the ride from front seat view here. https://youtu.be/xVL3Oy1nmsE . As fun as roller coaster rides are I don’t enjoy when my life feels like I am on one. I prefer to have stability. A nice calm life that is not marked by wild ups and downs. That is no easy task, especially right now, if I focus on the world and the daily news updates about Covid 19. Just turning from news source to another is like a roller coaster ride. Each source seems to be contradictory to the other and even to themselves from one day to the next. It’s no wonder that confusion, fear and division is so rampant. What can we do? Who should we believe? Confusion, fear and division.. hmmm sounds like the Biblical description of satan. I need security and stability of my times. I want the “treasure of salvation, WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE” . But where is that treasure found? “The fear of the Lord is your treasure.”

Fear? I thought I was not to have fear, and why be fearful of the Lord? When we understand who God is, the Creator of everything, our protector and the one who is love, then our fear of God is not based on being punished by God or what He will do to us. It is about fearing being distant from Him and His love, His care and His protection. It is all about our perspective and our relationship with Him. Think of a great big dog, this big dog is your friend. He loves you and you love him. You have a bond, you trust the dog and he trust you. You do your part to keep the dog healthy and safe and the dog wants you to be safe too. He knows of dangers that you may not because of his sense of smell being greater then yours. If you are waking and the dog senses or smells something that could be dangerous he will try to pull you away from the danger. If is is something or someone he thinks could harm you he may growl, just to let the threat know he will protect you. When you hear the growl you are not afraid of the dog. You are confident that he is your friend. Now if you suddenly became fearful of the dog and started to run away, the dog would chase after you. He does not like you running away from him, away from the protection he wants to give you, the love he wants to give you. As you are running you are not seeing the path you are taking, you lose your footing you fall, you get hurt, maybe you get lost, you become exhausted, the burden of being confused about where to run, how to avoid dangers, is too much. All the while the dog is chasing you trying to bring you back to his safety his protection and his knowledge of what why to go to stay on a good path. But you just see the dog as the one to be afraid of. In a similar way, Father God our Lord and Savior wants us to walk with Him. He wants to provide us with His superior “knowledge and wisdom” of how to navigate through life. That provision will give us peace, it removes confusion of what to do and where to go. We can enjoy the adventures of life with stability knowing He will protect us.

Therefore, let His still small voice and words be your guide louder then the bombarding and contradictory messages that bring confusion and fear. Let the only fear you have be fear of being distant from God. He will give you “knowledge and wisdom, and security and stability of your times” .

Published by Angelina Taylor

Hi, and welcome, I am Angelina Taylor and the creator of this blog . I am a perfectly imperfect women, wife, mother of 2 young adults and 1 cat and a lover of Jesus. I moved from suburbia to rural Norfolk County Ontario, which came with many treasures and obstacles. My life has had many trials right from my birth, abuse, abandonment, health and the list continues, as I am sure does yours. This is where I share how finding Jesus has healed me and helped to gain confidence to use some talents I never knew I had. My home is a blessing that is filled with love, good food, and diy projects that I will share with you. My desire is that this blog helps you to live the blessed life that you desire.

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