Frugal Food Preparation

Learning how to stretch our food dollars and prepare meals for our family that taste good, and is good for them has always been 1 of my passions. I value the time when my family and I can gather together at table and enjoy a meal together. It is a time when we can exchangeContinue reading “Frugal Food Preparation”

Where do You Turn In Times of Distress?Dealing with Covid-19

Where do you turn in times of distress? Let’s look at the Biblical scripture Psalms 20:1 &7. “1. May the Lord answer you (David) in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob set you securely on high(and defend you in battle)” “7. Some trust in chariots and horses, But weContinue reading “Where do You Turn In Times of Distress?Dealing with Covid-19”