Why Would God Allow This?

2 Chronicles 13:5(b) & 6. 5(b) ‘This is what the Lord says;You have abandon me, so I am abandoning you to Shishak.” 6 “Then the leaders of Israel and the King humbled themselves and said “The Lord is right in doing this to us.”

Since I have become a Christian I have heard and been asked many times “Why would God allow this to happen.” by friends that are not living Christian life’s. I have even wondered why God would allow certain things to happen. The truth is we likely may not know the answer to this for somethings while we are alive. On some occasions, after coming through the trial or circumstance that has caused me to ask that question, I can see why God allowed it. The trials have caused me to learn more about myself and areas that I need to work on, a new level of empathy for others, opportunities to see God’s hand at work and so much more. This is explained in Romans 5: 3-5. But today while reading my Bible the above scripture jumped out at me.

The Back ground to the scripture is this:

  • It was being said to Rehoboam, who was King of Israel and the leaders of Israel.
  • Rehoboam had followed God and in 2 Chronicles 12:1, it states that he was firmly established and strong because he followed God, but once he was strong and established he abandon God.
  • He was on the run from Shishak, and had already lost his fortified towns to them
  • It was spoken to him and the leaders by a prophet, Shemaiah

I started thinking and placed myself in Rehoboam shoes. He was right in the middle of his crisis, had already lost his home, was fearful for his life and was told this is because you have abandon God, so He is abandoning you. Would I humble myself and think, yep God is right in doing this to me? Or would I get upset with the messenger? In today’s world we likely are not running for our lives from warriors, but we may experience money, relationship, or health crisis. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we often can see that it is because we have abandon Godly ways of living (this is not always true, but very often is). We have not followed Godly principals in money management, showing love to others and ourself in relationships, or treated our bodies like temples by exercising, eating healthy, and avoiding things that are dangerous to our health. Then when the crisis comes we say Why Would God Allow This?

How does the story end? God in reality had not abandon them, He was right there waiting for them to turn to Him. When they humbled themselves and prayed God gave them relief.( 2 Chronicles 7) GOD DOES NOT ABANDON US!! HE IS THERE WAITING FOR US TO TURN TO HIM. That is how free will works. God will allow us to make mistakes and suffer the consequences when we do not follow His ways, but we can call on Him for help and get some relief.

So the next time we start to question Why would God allow this? let’s take an honest look and ask ourselves was I involving Him in all the choices I made that led to where I am? If not be humble and say like Reoboam and the leaders did, “The Lord is right in doing this to us.” Then pray asking for forgiveness and some relief. He is right there waiting for you to turn to Him and He will answer. It may not be the help you wanted, but it will give you some relief.

Published by Angelina Taylor

Hi, and welcome, I am Angelina Taylor and the creator of this blog . I am a perfectly imperfect women, wife, mother of 2 young adults and 1 cat and a lover of Jesus. I moved from suburbia to rural Norfolk County Ontario, which came with many treasures and obstacles. My life has had many trials right from my birth, abuse, abandonment, health and the list continues, as I am sure does yours. This is where I share how finding Jesus has healed me and helped to gain confidence to use some talents I never knew I had. My home is a blessing that is filled with love, good food, and diy projects that I will share with you. My desire is that this blog helps you to live the blessed life that you desire.

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