Living Beyond Your Surroundings

2 Samuel 9:5 “Then King David sent word and had him brought from the house of Machir the son of Ammiel, from Lo-debar.”

What does it mean to live beyond your surrounding? and how do you do it? Let’s look at the above scripture. It says that Kind David was sending for someone, that someone was Jonathon’s son, Mephilbosheth. Mephilbosheth was crippled, and living in Lo-debar. He had every reason in those times to be an underachiever. He was an orphan,his family inheritance of being the grandson of King Saul was gone, he was crippled in his legs, and in was living In Lo-debar. Lo-debar translated means without pasture. He was living in an agricultural society in a town that had no pastures. In other words he was living in the poor area. Just like it would have been easy for him to become comfortable with his surroundings, so can it be for us. In that comfort we form our thoughts and our actions. What you surround yourself with soon becomes your normal and acceptable. When we moved from suburbia to rural life, I was astonished by the quietness and nature all around us. I did not realize how much noise there was in our old neighborhood until I had experienced the quiet here. The beautiful colored bird that come to our feeders is incredible. Birds I had never seen in my entire life. They are here in such abundance that I must make an effort to remember not to become so accustom to them, that I lose seeing there beauty. If you lived in an area that was know for and you were surrounded by daily shootings, it would seem to you that, that was just the norm. If you grew up in a family that was poor, and everyone drank excessively, that would seem normal behavior. These things that seem normal and acceptable in our mind can set us up, to not reach for or believe for our God given inheritance’s and purpose and plan for our life. If we start to achieve better then those we are surrounded by, to go beyond the norm of our surroundings, we will likely come up against some opposition. Jesus did!! In John 1:46″ Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” I urge you not to let your surroundings, your normal prevent you from seeing yourself as God sees you, from reaching the plans and purposes He has for your life. Do not accept the limits placed on you by worldly circumstances to dictate who you are and what you are worth. Mephibosheth went from the pasture-less poor area to sitting at King David’s table. You can sit at the table of the King of Kings,(God) and expect all of your inheritance as His child. God has great plan for you. He loves you and wants to give you so much. He is giving you a great inheritance as His child. There is so much more for you outside of your norm. Open your mind, ignite your faith and accept that you are worthy. Yes there will be some work to get there. Mephibosheth still had to make the travel to the King’s palace. But just like God did for him, He will make a way for you, He will strengthen you. Believe in yourself, because God believes in you!! #reachforyourdreams, #livebeyondyoursurroundings, createyourbestyou,

Published by Angelina Taylor

Hi, and welcome, I am Angelina Taylor and the creator of this blog . I am a perfectly imperfect women, wife, mother of 2 young adults and 1 cat and a lover of Jesus. I moved from suburbia to rural Norfolk County Ontario, which came with many treasures and obstacles. My life has had many trials right from my birth, abuse, abandonment, health and the list continues, as I am sure does yours. This is where I share how finding Jesus has healed me and helped to gain confidence to use some talents I never knew I had. My home is a blessing that is filled with love, good food, and diy projects that I will share with you. My desire is that this blog helps you to live the blessed life that you desire.

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