Who Cares That I am Crying?

Psalm 56:8 “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle.You have recorded each one in your book.” 56:9(b) ‘This I know: God is on my side!”

A year had passed since we moved to our rural home. When we made the move from suburbia to here, I was full of excitement. I loved our new home, the property and being surrounded by so much nature. The small town that was a few minutes away looked so inviting. Despite being such a small little area there are a significant number of churches, which was a factor in my decision to move here. My hubby and I were moving not knowing anyone, so I anticipated that church was were I would meet new friends. I was leaving all my friends, a great church family, where I was a leader, but knew that God had called me here. I had envisioned myself with a group of women, spending time studying Gods word, sharing our life, drinking coffee and eating yummy treats. We would go for nature walks, spend days on the nearby beach and find ways to bless to the community. I was excited to continue growing in my leadership skills and using the skills I had already. But reality was not that at all. Making new friends was hard. I had found a new church after a bit of church shopping but still making connections was so difficult. Rural life comes with many demands and people are busy; getting together usually comes with a bit more travelling then in suburbia. Winters are hard, despite the fact that the new area gets less snow, when there is less traffic and no buildings to stop the snow from blowing, roads are a little more difficult to travel. I admit that winter has always been a hard season for me. I love the sunshine and warmth of summer. But this time it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was laying on my living room floor, screaming and crying out to God. Tears were rolling down my face, I was asking God where were the friends, telling Him I need a circle of women. So many tears. I cried the tears that make you all puffy. I remember thinking no one even cares that I’m crying all these tears. Have you ever felt that way? That all the tears you have cried don’t even matter. Totally alone in your sorrow? That your tears are worthless?

Psalm 56:8 “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle.You have recorded each one in your book.” These are David’s word’s when he had been captured by the Phillistines. David had spent much of his life running just to stay alive. David’s words remind us that God does care about our tears. That He is there, close enough to us to gather them in a bottle. (Interestingly in David’s time when someone passed people would bring jars called lachrymatory as part of the mourning process to the grave and collect their tears in, often these jars were buried with the deceased.) This verse shows that are tears matter, that God sees them and that they are precious to Him. That each tear drop we shed is recorded in His book. Not even 1 single little drop escapes from being caught by Him. That He is always there to comfort us. We know that some of David’s tears were the result of his not following God. But this scripture reminds us that no matter why we are crying God catches them all and cares. Because He cares about us, as verse 9 says “This I know God is on my side.” He is on your side. He will help you, He will comfort you. Your tears are worth alot to Him, the King of Kings. You matter!!

God heard my cries and collected my tears. I now have a great circle of friends. I have established and run a Women’s ministry in my church. I learned a lot about God during that time when I was feeling so isolated. I prayed more, read His word more, gained new understanding and our friendship was deepened. He used that time to equip me for the next chapter. God wants the same for you. Covid-19 has left many feeling isolated, sad, scared, with financial worries. Cry out to God, shed tears, He will catch them and hold them and you, as you are precious to Him. #covid19stress #crytogod #yourtearsmatter #yourenotalone

Published by Angelina Taylor

Hi, and welcome, I am Angelina Taylor and the creator of this blog . I am a perfectly imperfect women, wife, mother of 2 young adults and 1 cat and a lover of Jesus. I moved from suburbia to rural Norfolk County Ontario, which came with many treasures and obstacles. My life has had many trials right from my birth, abuse, abandonment, health and the list continues, as I am sure does yours. This is where I share how finding Jesus has healed me and helped to gain confidence to use some talents I never knew I had. My home is a blessing that is filled with love, good food, and diy projects that I will share with you. My desire is that this blog helps you to live the blessed life that you desire.

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